Visit Malia town, Crete island!

Malia is the most touristic town of Crete, located 35km east of Heraklion, on the outskirts of Mount Selena. Its name means “flat area”, because Malia is situated on a fertile plain. Indeed, it is famous throughout Greece for the delicious bananas grown in the greenhouses in the area.
The valley has many springs and in the past was known for its windmills, used for watering the local potato crops.

In addition to the beauty of its landscape and the tourist facilities, Malia is well known for its archaeological findings. The excavations at the archaeological site of Malia, 3 km east of the village, have brought to light an important Minoan town with a palace, houses, streets and royal tombs. The Minoan Palace of Malia is the third biggest palatial centre on Crete of a total 7.500 square meters in area.
Nowadays, access to the palace is possible through the cobblestone western courtyard, cut across by slightly elevated passage­ways called "processional ways".

Nightlife in Malia in Crete island

Modern day Malia is a holiday resort, tourism and commerce are the main economic activities in the town, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, gift shops, bars and nightclubs. Malia has become one of the most popular tourist locations of Crete, and one of the most popular in Europe, rivalling Ibiza and Magaluf. It is mainly visited by young people from Great Britain and Northern Europe.
The prominence of Malia as one of the leading spots for nightlife in Europe is cemented by the attraction of big name DJs and events. The Main Strip is home to many bars, clubs, taverns and restaurants. Malia has a fine sandy beach which starts from the bottom of the strip and continues towards the East near to the Minoan palace of Malia.